Health City is a cluster-led economic development organization that leverages Edmonton’s tremendous health assets to create a fast, competitive and lucrative health innovation ecosystem.

Health City operates in the space between existing and traditional health industry partners. By building pathways and easing access for research to become innovation, innovation to become products and for products to get to market, Health City creates the conditions necessary for Edmonton to be the easiest and most competitive place for investing, innovating and scaling your business.

Edmonton is home to world-class researchers, world-class medical facilities and world-class post-secondary systems. We have some of Canada’s most innovative and respected economic development organizations, incubation and accelerator programs and a diverse mix of health-related businesses and start-ups.

Our ecosystem is diverse. Health City ensures that we are connected.

Cancer Challenge

Health City exists to make Edmonton a destination of choice for health innovators, leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers and investors.

We are focused on fostering a health innovation ecosystem that provides an unparalleled environment for success for health innovation and industry participants. Health City is dedicated to creating a policy environment that accelerates the development and growth of the health innovation continuum, from discovery to commercialization and application. And, we know that funding can make or break a SME or a good idea. That is why Health City is dedicated to finding ways to accelerate access to finance, capital and institutional investment while working to remove financial barriers to growth. In doing this, we will solidify Edmonton’s reputation as a leading health innovation ecosystem.

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What is Health City’s Vision?

Edmonton is a world class health innovation city

Health City’s vision is to make Edmonton a premier location for health innovation and health industry. We’d like to see Edmonton take its rightful place on the global stage as a world-class health innovation city.

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What is Health City’s Mission?

To build a health innovation eco-system that creates the most fertile ground to attract, grow and retain talent, engage in research and innovation and attract and grow health related businesses.

We are business developers and ecosystem accelerators. We understand that innovation needs speed and that speed needs an ecosystem designed and equipped to handle it.

At Health City, we work with industry partners to create new connections and remove barriers within the existing health cluster. We seek out and build new and exciting partnerships and relationships that grow and attract new members to Edmonton’s health sector. We help companies navigate the ecosystem and accelerate their success. As a result, Edmonton’s competitive advantage is a connected and fast flowing ecosystem where innovation thrives.

We create the conditions necessary for Edmonton to the fastest and most lucrative place for health innovation and health industry.

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