Business Development, Attraction and Retention

Sustainable funding and supportive environments for research, innovation and commercialization are essential for the economic development of our cluster.

Health City is focused on accelerating access to finance, capital and institutional investment and making Edmonton a destination of choice for health innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs and researchers. We aggressively pursue business partnerships and multi-stakeholder economic development opportunities that benefit our health innovation cluster.

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When it comes to innovation, speed matters. Time spent trying to understand the ecosystem and the players within it can slow you down and may never result in the connections necessary to successfully launch and scale your business.

Health City provides ecosystem navigation for both Edmonton-based companies as well as those wanting to relocate to our region. We link stakeholders to the resources they need to be successful, for example: talent, business development supports, policy tools and funding options.

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Health City works to remove obstacles from the business environment to ensure success. Creating a policy environment that accelerates the development and growth of the health innovation continuum, from discovery to commercialization and application, is one of our primary goals.

We address systemic barriers that stand in the way of innovation and build relationships and partnerships that facilitate economic growth.

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Stakeholder Relations

Health City is a central connection point for Edmonton’s health innovation sector.

We leverage the power of our partners from across the ecosystem to bring together the right people at the right time, to capitalize on and create opportunity. We engage with and convene health innovation and health industry network partners to make sure that the ecosystem is connected, progressive and interdependent.

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Marketing the Edmonton Advantage

Solidifying Edmonton’s reputation as a leading health innovation ecosystem means shouting Edmonton’s Advantage from every roof-top we can find.

Health City actively identifies and capitalizes on opportunities to promote Edmonton as the best place to launch and scale your health innovation.

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