Clinisys EMR Inc.
Clinisys EMR Inc.

A dedicated team of professionals in healthcare, IT, and business. Developers of a variety of secure, scalable and user-friendly e-Healthcare solutions for the healthcare industry.

#119, Advanced Technology Centre Edmonton Research Park
Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1G1


Clinisys EMR Inc.

Helps pre-identify or predict a patient’s health in the future

Mehadi Sayed – President and CEO of Clinisys

Health Innovation

Pioneering the fields of health data analytics and electronic medical record keeping.

How they are changing the world

The health care system is flooded with information, including EMRs, EHRs, imaging, labs, devices and other data systems. Clinisys finds patterns within those electronic records to help pre-identify or predict a patient’s health in the future.

Why Edmonton?

Clinisys started in 2011 with one employee and now operates in four provinces. Mehadi Sayed, the company’s CEO, said technology start-ups like his succeed here because of the city’s highly-educated talent pool and access to capital. He also thanked Edmonton’s short commutes and quality of life for keeping his employees eager to live here.

What does the future look like?

The company is expanding worldwide after recently partnering with software giant Microsoft to advance the field of cloud-based electronic medical records.

“Very few people get to change the outcomes of people’s lives, I’m lucky to be in that latter group”

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