Department of Oncology, University of Alberta
Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

A clinical and basic sciences department created in 1993 that provides a focus for cancer-related teaching and research.

5-142E Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research, 114 Street 87 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2J7

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Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

Discovered the Nodal protein as a key identifier in treating ovarian cancer.

Dr. Lynne Postovit

Health Innovation

One of the major issues with ovarian cancer is that although patients will initially respond to chemotherapy, if the cancer returns then it will no longer respond, becoming a resistance disease. Cancer cells survive, adapt, and come back. Neutralizing the Nodal protein is key to prevent further growth – and resistance to treatment.

How they are changing the world

By understanding and developing proteins like Nodal, new methods are being developed to use alongside chemotherapy. Preventing resistance to treatment will dramatically improves the outcome of ovarian cancer patients.

Why Edmonton?

The integration of healthcare within The University of Alberta means that it is a highly collaborative environment. The team is made up of top researchers in Alberta, in oncology, pathology, and gynecology – all working together on clinical trials and discovering new treatments.

What does the future look like?

Continuing lines of research on how cancer cells adapt and change is crucial to the future of genomics and oncology.

“Understanding resistance disease is the upstream of treating cancer.”

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