Dr. Robert Burrell
Dr. Robert Burrell

Professor and Chair - Department of Biomedical Engineering Faculties of Engineering and Medicine & Dentistry Professor and Canada Research Chairin Nanostructured Biomaterials Jim Sorensen Chair in Biomedical Engineering

1101 Research Transition Facility
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2V2


Dr. Robert Burrell

Acticoat, the world’s first therapeutic application of nanotechnology

Health Innovation

Developed Acticoat, the world’s first therapeutic application of nanotechnology, It controls both infection and inflammation, enabling wounds and burns to heal faster.

How they are changing the world

There are “visionaries” in Edmonton, including world leaders in nanotechnology, artificial intelligence and machine learning. He also cited Edmonton’s excellent engineering and medical schools. “You have everything you need in Edmonton at a very high level,” he said.

Why Edmonton?

By applying nanotechnology to the area of diagnostics, even bigger changes in health care will be realized.

What does the future look like?

Nanotechnology is going to enable us to collect data with the unaided eye. It’s happening faster than ever before, at the patient’s bedside.

“Very few people get to change the outcomes of people’s lives, I’m lucky to be in that latter group.”

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