DynaLIFE Medical Labs
DynaLIFE Medical Labs

The DynaLIFE partnership provides diagnostic laboratory services to more than 2000 physicians and one million patients annually. The laboratory, locally managed from its state-of-the-art facility in Edmonton, performs more than 14 million tests every year.

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DynaLIFE Medical Labs

Work in microbiology that helps doctors choose the right antibiotics for patients the first time

Jason Pincock, CEO

Health Innovation

DynaLIFE is a pioneer in North America in the area of microbiology, bringing to life next generation automation. 

How they are changing the world

Our work in microbiology allows for doctors to choose the right antibiotics for patients the first time. Patients are being released from hospitals sooner than ever before. We’ve also created an app that allows doctors to have access to the latest facility antibiotic data on their smart phones, in real time.

Why Edmonton?

Universities and hospitals acting in partnership are a dime a dozen in North America. So what comes next? In Edmonton, we are combining a city, one of North America’s largest integrated health systems, our government’s economic innovation systems, and our post-secondaries to not only work together in the same direction, but to all boats together as an armada. This advantage is truly unique and has the potential to offer so much more as a platform for future health innovation.

What does the future look like?

Edmonton is a place where health innovation is simply far faster and far more effective. As one of Edmonton’s health success stories, DynaLIFE will continue to be a key partner in enabling this vision.

“For DynaLIFE, innovation is survival. Health care will continue to face the inevitability of aging populations and increased demands against scarcity of resources both on people and the government’s ability to fund. The answer is a continuous quest for new technologies, new innovation, new processes and new products that allow us to deliver higher value health outcomes for the same or fewer resources.”

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