Health Gauge
Health Gauge

A complete personal health monitoring solution that deepens your understanding and engagement with your health.

2700, 10004-104 Ave. NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J OK1

Health Gauge

Providing Meaningful Health & Wellness Information through Applied Artificial Intelligence.

Randy Duguay, P.Eng., M.Eng.

Health Innovation

Health Gauge is a revolutionary AI-based platform that includes a unique wearable device that allows individuals to measure key biometrics and understand how everyday lifestyle choices impact their personal health. Going beyond fitness tracking, Health Gauge measures Blood Pressure, ECG, Heart Rate & Variability, and Pulse Wave Velocity. People can track their health and be empowered to act.

How they are changing the world

In the next 5 years, with the proliferation of more devices, personal and corporate data will grow to over 120 Zetabytes per year. Health Gauge aim to make their Personal Health Management platform a world leading solution that will help people engage and better understand their health choices.

Why Edmonton?

Health Gauge has been a part of Edmonton’s health & computing sciences innovation ecosystem for over 25 years. Edmonton has world-class R&D assets and capacity to generate and grow talent in the core areas of health sciences, AI/ML development, and Engineering. Today, in these specialized fields, there is no better place to innovate and tap into Edmonton’s highly-skilled spectrum of talent.

What does the future look like?

Health Gauge anticipate doubling both revenue and resource bases through 2018, continuing to focus on growing competencies in the areas of computing sciences, engineering and health sciences. The focus will be on the rapidly expanding space of applied AI/ML and IoT device development.

“We started our innovation journey with a view that we could do better in helping people get and understand their personal health biometrics, and to use machine learning tools to make that personally meaningful – going beyond anything else in the market.”

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