Lois Hole Hospital for Women
Lois Hole Hospital for Women

The Lois Hole Hospital for Women provides expert patient care for women of all ages and in all stages of life.

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Lois Hole Hospital for Women

Pioneering robotics in surgery for gynecologic cancers.

Dr. Helen Steed

Health Innovation

Dr. Helen Steed is one of only four surgeons in Alberta who performs immersive Robotic Laparoscopic Surgery using the da Vinci Surgical System. It is the only robot in Canada solely dedicated to women’s health.

How they are changing the world

Using robotics for surgery means that the patient receives only four or five small incisions smaller than a human finger. The patient can get back to function faster than ever. If required, therapy such as chemo or radiation can also be started sooner. Women of all ages and in all stages of life in Northern Alberta have benefited from this immersive inside-the-body laparoscopic surgery using the robotic system.

Why Edmonton?

With the support of the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation, Dr. Steed’s team were able to implement a fundraising campaign, and purchase the da Vinci Surgical System for Edmonton. The Lois Hole Hospital for Women in Edmonton is the epicentre for this kind of specialized and critical care, and a leader in treatment, technology and innovation. It remains the only hospital in Canada with a robot solely dedicated to surgeries for gynecologic cancers.

What does the future look like?

The advanced control robot offers more precision and dexterity than the human hand, with minimal intrusion. Future gynecological cancer patients will have decreased pain and scarring, less blood loss during procedure, with half the recovery time. The new technology is revolutionizing cancer surgery.

“To offer microbiotic surgery where the patient goes home that same night – and back to their function in society within two weeks – it empowers them to move on to those next steps in their cancer journey.”

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