Metabolomic Technologies Inc. MTI
Metabolomic Technologies Inc. MTI

A privately-held company, Metabolomic Technologies Inc. (MTI) develops metabolomic-based diagnostic systems which are based on proprietary biomarker technologies.

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Metabolomic Technologies Inc. MTI

A highly accurate, early detection test for colon cancer.

David Chang, PhD Chief Operating Officer

Health Innovation

A highly accurate, early detection test for colon cancer.

How they are changing the world

The urine test is designed to flag patients who are risk for developing colon cancer. If treated early, the risk of developing colon cancer can be eliminated entirely.

Why Edmonton?

MTI, the private company that developed the test, is a spin-off from the University of Alberta. The university is a world leader in the area of metabolomic research, the study of small molecules in an organism. Understanding such a tiny part of the body can yield big answers about what a body could do next.

What does the future look like?

They want to build on their research by seeing if they can develop early detection tests for other diseases and cancers such as prostate cancer.

We wanted to come up with a test that would move the cancer diagnosis to a stage before cancer develops, so we could avoid cancer altogether.

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