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Dr2dr Secure Messaging System

Brandon Blanck

Health Innovation

Dr2dr is an online portal and a secure messaging software system allowing for secure, confidential communication in a health care situation between physicians, staff, and other health professionals.

How is this innovation changing the world?

Communication is very important in the healthcare industry. Miscommunication is critical for a patient. For us to be able to simplify that and provide a secure way to communicate is revolutionary.

Why Edmonton?

We’ve been in Edmonton for 24 years and we are all University of Alberta graduates. This is a great city to be a part of because we have access to world-class institutes such as the University of Alberta, Northern Institute of Alberta, Grant McEwan University.

What does the future look like?

Expansion, dr2dr has the potential to go outside the city of Edmonton, the province, and the country. Alberta desperately needs this communication tool- that is the key to our future.

“We are a software company committed to healthcare, we love this city and are happy to be an innovative part of the healthcare industry in Edmonton.” – Brandon Blanck, Vice President. 

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