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ReTouch - A touch screen computer that helps to rehabilitate, brain injury and surgical patients.

Health Innovation

An oversized touch screen computer called the ReTouch that helps stroke, brain injury and surgical patients who require upper limb motor therapy to regain strength, co-ordination and reactive skills. Loaded with specialized gaming software, the equipment can precisely track a patient’s progress.

How they are changing the world

The device, which has been exported around the world, including China, has been warmly embraced by patients and therapists because of its ability to adjust to different angles and degrees of difficulty as arm strength increases, a change from traditional rehab exercises such as stacking cones.

Why Edmonton?

While Glenrose therapists dreamed up the idea, the hospital received much-needed assistance from both the city’s public and private sectors. Students and researchers at the University of Alberta and Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), helped build the device and its specialized software. Local company Rehabtronics Inc. manufactures the product and markets it internationally. Rebel Parachute, an Edmonton gaming company, assists with graphics.

What does the future look like?

The device is constantly evolving because specialized gaming software continues to be developed. Patient and therapist needs remain top-of-mind in that process.

This has gone from an idea to a Made-in-Edmonton product, and it is still constantly being improved, fine-tuned.

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