Tevosol Inc.
Tevosol Inc.

Dr. Darren Freed and Dr. Jayan Nagendran have developed an innovative transplant technology, Ex-Vivo Organ Support System (EVOSS™). EVOSS™ offers a solution to this problem by enabling utilization of a significant portion of the pool of currently unutilized organs.

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Tevosol Inc.

Revolutionizing organ transplantation by longer preservation of organs outside of the body.

Dr. Jayan Nagendran

Health Innovation

Tevosol founders Dr. Jayan Nagendran and Dr. Darren Freed have developed a portable warm perfusion device that allows organs for transplantation to preserve their function for longer periods. They have named it the Ex-Vivo Organ Support System (EVOSS). By keeping organs outside of the body, therapy can be individualized, and repairs can be made so that organs that would otherwise not be suitable for implant can be used.

How they are changing the world

There is an ongoing crisis with organ donation. One in three patients waiting for lung transplantation die before the organs become available. In addition, less than 25% of donated organs are suitable for transplantation. The EVOSS technology essentially increases the pool of available organs worldwide, reduces the wait for transplants, and increases the quality of those organs.

Why Edmonton?

Business and development of the start-up company Tevosol has received significant support from Tech Edmonton. There is an impressive academic community in Edmonton, with international leaders in several areas of medicine. Alberta is No. 6 in the world for organ transplantation after Stanford. There is also a strong business community, with plenty of opportunities to develop relationships between academia and top business minds.

What does the future look like?

A whole new area in medicine is potentially expanding. A portable version of the technology is being developed that will be taken through a series of clinical trials. Next year, the UofA has approved Phase 1 of these trials, enrolling 12 patients waiting for transplantation. Whilst travelling around the globe, the team hope to develop further collaboration with other medical centres, plus the Organ Banking Summit in the US.

“Be bold. Don’t shy away from difficult opportunities…as you go down the road of innovation, it will advance your clinical life. If you don’t do it, who will?”

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