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University Hospital Foundation

The University Hospital Foundation was created in 1962 by an act in the Alberta legislature.  In the decades since, we have evolved into one of the most successful hospital fundraising organizations in Canada. 

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University Hospital Foundation

Stroke Ambulance

Health Innovation

Canada’s first stroke ambulance that can also operate in rural areas. While a handful of these 9-tonne hospitals-on-wheels are already operating around the world, Edmonton’s stroke ambulance is the only one that can safely travel outside of cities thanks to hydraulic levelling gear.

How they are changing the world

Every second counts after someone suffers a stroke. By quickly bringing care directly to the patient, the stroke ambulance will save lives and precious health care dollars by mitigating the damage done to a patient during a stroke.

Why Edmonton?

The idea has been floating around Edmonton since 2000, but it took a collaboration between a team of open-minded MDs and MBAs to make it happen after they were able to argue the $1-million ambulance would ultimately save the health care system big dollars. “It seemed like an out-there-idea, but it made sense after we crunched the numbers,” said Thomas Jeerakathil, a stroke neurologist who worked on the project. 


What does the future look like?

This specialized ambulance has the potential to revolutionize stroke treatment by ensuring no matter where you live, you’ll receive quick, top-notch care. He said many are keenly watching their three-year pilot project and more stroke ambulances will likely hit roads around the world after it concludes.

“This is a collaboration of business minds and medical minds. It seemed like an out-there-idea, but it made sense after we crunched the numbers.”

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