Pitching an idea or product to potential investors can be a daunting task for entrepreneurs. Understanding how an investor thinks is crucial to helping companies navigate the nuances and pitfalls of the capital world.

To enable this important skill, Health City recently sponsored some of the 15 Alberta-based health & science companies who attended a two-day seminar in Edmonton, titled “Think Bigger TEC Valhalla Angels BaseCamp.”

“Our role is to foster a successful environment for Edmonton entrepreneurs, specifically in health innovation,” says Reg Joseph, CEO, Health City. “We want to help enable entrepreneurs to make smart, informed decisions. Sponsoring their participation in this valuable program by Valhalla Angels and TEC Edmonton is just one of the ways we’re working with our ecosystem partners to strengthen the Edmonton health innovation ecosystem.”

Pitch Night allowed attendees to put what they learned into action before a room of investors.

The seminar hosted and presented by TEC Valhalla Angels, a partnership between TEC Edmonton and Valhalla Angels, covered several topics including:

• raising capital including equity, debt, contest and revenue,
• pitching to investors,
• maximizing the value of capital and minimizing risk, targeting and securing the right investors,
• closing a round of financing, and
• structuring a pitch and deal that is attractive to investors.

Valhalla’s CEO Randy Thompson says it’s important for entrepreneurs to understand investors and how they think when they are considering whether a start-up is worth investing in or not.

“It is rewarding to see organizations like TEC Edmonton, Valhalla Angels and Health City coming together to support our health start-up community through programs such as Basecamp that will better prepare companies for their fundraising journey,” says Thompson.

Alberta companies that attended the two-day BaseCamp are developing a wide variety of products in the health sector, ranging from support devices to improve a person’s posture, to a fitness lifestyle app that helps health professionals and patients track their progress, to developing new drugs for neurological disorders, cancer, liver diseases and infectious diseases.

These companies included:
BioImmuno Designs, Inc.
Bladeflex Inc.
Cheminger Inc.
• CliniSonix
Cultivated Innovation
DiveThru Inc.
Endurance Unlimited Inc.
• Mach32
Mikata Health Inc.
Qualisure Diagnostics Inc.
• TwigIT Inc.
• WWIKY Biosciences Inc.

Entrepreneurs appreciated both the hands-on skills presented in the program and learning from each other through networking. The seminar wrapped up with Pitch Night, which allowed attendees to put what they learned into action before a room of investors.

“If you’re an entrepreneur who’s serious about your business (in Edmonton), the BootCamp is a must attend as it will equip you with the information you need to navigate the world of capital effectively,” says Sophie Gray, Founder, DiveThru. “Attending TEC Valhalla’s BaseCamp was a life-changing experience for me and my business. It’s a no brainer, sign up!”