Burrel Interview

Our second episode features University of Alberta professor and department chair Dr. Robert Burrell,

the named inventor of more than 300 patents, including Acticoat, the world’s first therapeutic application of nanotechnology. The revolutionary dressing, which has sales exceeding $1-billion, controls both inflammation and infection, enabling wounds and burns to heal faster.

Join us for a conversation that will take you from the chaotic burn units treating patients following the Bali bombing to Dr. Burrell’s connection to Charles Darwin to how a simple drop of diesel on his driveway inspired his latest ground-breaking research.

Find out also what brought Dr. Burrell to Edmonton and what’s kept him here.

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For more information about Dr. Burrell, please visit: http://www.cme.engineering.ualberta.ca/FacultyStaff/FacultyAcademicStaff/Burrell.aspx

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