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Our fourth episode features Chandra Devam and Scott Edgar from Aris MD.

Find out how these grade school friends partnered up to start an Edmonton-based biotechnology company that has big dreams of revolutionizing operating rooms around the world with virtual and augmented reality.

Their invention, augmented and virtual reality glasses, gives surgeons the laser-focussed ability to see through a patient’s skin to examine anatomy and surgical targets before and during procedures. By integrating diagnostic imaging such as MRI and CT scans, the technology shows the surgeon exactly where to cut and more importantly, where not to cut. Considering every person’s anatomy is different, the surgical glasses have the potential to dramatically cut down mortality rates due to surgical complications and human error.

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Health City is an exciting and ground-breaking initiative officially being launched in Edmonton on June 15, 2017. This podcast is designed to connect you directly with the people who make up Health City, from the academic and civic leaders to the scientists and researchers to the entrepreneurs who are bringing new health innovations to market.

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