Unique data assets

Data will be a key driver for the new health economy and Edmonton is a national leader in open data. Edmonton’s open data portal makes a wide variety of datasets accessible to the public. Edmonton has won numerous open data awards and was named Canada’s Most Open City in 2017 and 2016.

Alberta’s geographically and genetically diverse population means that we have access to rich and varied datasets within our single health delivery service provider. Through organizations like the Alberta Real World Evidence Consortium as well as our access to rich, diverse datasets means we can build opportunities for companies to test, validate and scale novel solutions in health.

In addition to health data, we have access to many other sets of health-related data such as social services data and social media data. This variety of data can be combined and analyzed using our strengths in artificial intelligence to make all these sets of data predictive in a way they haven’t been before. Industry can use these assets to develop robust solutions spanning the entire health value chain that consider the social determinants of health.

The largest health care system in Canada

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is headquartered in Edmonton, making the city a strategic location for health-related companies. Alberta’s single healthcare system is unique in Canada, serving a diverse population that provides broad datasets on a real-world scale.

A strong health industry cluster

Edmonton has a strong base of activity in the health and life sciences sector and is home to more than 50 per cent of Alberta’s life sciences companies. With world-class researchers, medical facilities and post-secondary systems, a diverse mix of health-related businesses and startups call Edmonton home.

World-leading capabilities in artificial intelligence

Edmonton has world-class tools to support the new health economy, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, augmented and virtual reality and emerging capabilities in blockchain and internet of things.

Global multinationals and the next generation of health startups are developing solutions around the power of data and artificial intelligence. Edmonton has a unique opportunity to serve as a test bed to prove out these solutions, giving Edmonton innovators opportunities to compete in the global market.

A research powerhouse

Edmonton is home to more post-secondary institutions than any other Canadian city and its post-secondary and research resources provide a platform for a growing health innovation sector.

The University of Alberta is placed in the Top 5 Research Universities in Canada and has 83 Canada research chairs. Edmonton boasts the nation’s best and most advanced research facilities, equipment and resources. From discovery to commercialization, Edmonton’s research resources have global impact.

Check out some of the resources in Edmonton that can help you get started.

In the world of health innovation, Edmonton is leading the way.

Edmonton is a medical research powerhouse and home to world-class researchers, medical facilities and post-secondary systems. With a well-connected ecosystem that supports talent and growth, we are a hub for health innovation. Edmonton is city where entrepreneurs can thrive and where innovators can create and grow. When a new technology, a creative treatment, or a different approach is discovered, we make it happen.
Watch our video about three Edmonton-based innovators who understand the power of the health ecosystem in Edmonton.